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Do you have some old cars that are just occupying extra space in your garage? Instead of putting them in a junk shop to free some space, why not sell them to get extra cash? We at Cash for Cars Sunnyvale are happy to help you. Call us now at (408) 471-0655 to get a free quote for your pre-loved car

What We Do

Simply put, we buy cars that owners are just keeping in their garage. We buy any type of cars from old and dilapidated ones to newer models that are not used extensively by their owners. We also buy used cars that did not pass the smog test. If you need to sell a car, then we are the company to contact. We provide honest and reliable quotes for your pre-loved cars. We know that putting your cars for sale online is not the best move because it takes a long time to find a suitable buyer. Stashing it in your garage on the other hand will just use too much space that you can allot for other things. Lastly, putting it up to a junk or scrap yard is just synonymous to wasting your car. We bridge the gap that you as a car owner has in terms of getting rid of your car, while still benefiting in return.

Our company offers reasonable quotes for the cars you put for sale. We know how much your car means to you, and we always try our best to match your car's price to something worth your time.

Why Avail of Our Service

We have been providing reliable and professional services throughout Sunnyvale for decades already. Our friendly and helpful staff are ready to answer all of your questions regarding your sale. We always ensure that our company is worth your time. Thus, we always strive to offer honest and reliable services in person and over the phone.

What set us above other car buying companies is our speed of transaction. We pride ourselves in having same day transactions. This means that as soon as you agreed with our terms and conditions, we will be knocking on your doorstep to give you the amount we quoted for your car within the day. Now that's what you call a fast and reliable service! We personally go to your place to transact with you in order to save you the hassle of having to go away from your house just to sell your car.

How It Works

Our car transactions are only compose of three easy steps:



Payment and Delivery

We provide quotes for your car over the phone, so you just need to call us and we will be happy to discuss the transaction with you. We just need to know the details of your car, and then we will readily give you our quotation. If you agree with our quote, then we will proceed to your place to give you the payment and in return get your car. It is as easy as that!


Selling your car should never be an arduous task. Our company is ready to give you an easier and more enjoyable experience while selling your cars. Get rid of the hassle brought about by selling your car to a suitable buyer. Call us now at (408) 471-0655 to get a free quote for your car. We will be at your doorstep to finalize the transactions before you even know it. Call us today and get your car sold as fast as possible!

If you are not in Sunnyvale and would like to sell your car - sadly we are only buying in the Sunnyvale area. One solution is to use a company like Sell That Car they pay money for cars regardless of the area. Hopefully that gives you a bit of guidance.